Used worldwide in the flexible packaging industry, cradle roll pallets are the new way to handle your rolls.


*Last 10+ years
*Safe, easy to handle

Made with a soft yet rugged low density plastic, Rhino pallets are designed to last 10+ years in a typical plant environment.
Rhino Roll Pallets are used by some of the top flexible packaging companies in the world for WIP storage and return loop shipping.
These pallets are used for rolls up to 57″ (144cm) in diameter, and weights up to 10,000 LBS (4000kg).
Rhino Roll Pallets are usable in both unsupported and supported rack situations (internal steel reinforcement available for heavy weights).
Don’t take our word for it, buy one and try it!   Check out our brochure by clicking Roll Pallet Flyer 

Sizes Available:

27″ x 27″  

*Designed for rolls up to 50″ Diameter





30″ x 48″

*Designed for rolls up to 50″ diameter



42″ x 48″

*Designed for rolls up to 60″ in diameter




44″ x 62″

*Designed for rolls up to 63″ in diameter