Why Rhino?

Why would anyone spend 45 minutes to make one plastic pallet or fork sleeve, when you can make a pallet in two minutes using a different method? Why would someone use such an inefficient and expensive method to produce pallets?

The reason is that our method, called “solid wall molding” aka rotational molding, produces parts that are of unbeatable quality and durability. I have personally seen pallets and containers made using this method that last 10-25 years. Parts are made with a soft yet rugged plastic that stands up to significant abuse.

We sell high quality products, with great service and delivery, at fair prices. All products are made in the USA with pride.

We can talk about quality, durability and service all day, but we ask you to put us to the test. Buy one and try it.

Call us at 317.353.3400 or email sales@rhinopallets.com.